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Buy and Sell unwanted education items including furniture,
equipment and books.

Youre saving mony and saving the worldWe want to do our bit to help save the earth and by participating in this unique opportunity - you could save your education centre some money AND the planet at the same time. It's recycling for nurseries, schools, universities and other educational organisations.

Have you got unwanted items piling up in a store room? Why not give or sell those items to someone who really needs them. Trasch aims to be the one place where schools or any other educational provider can make use out of the items you list. You can choose to either to raise money for your school or find something for free for your nursery.

Help each other, yourselves and the environment by reducing waste. So please show your support and Join here for free!

If you're an education provider you can join Trasch for FREE & create a profile...

...then promote all your unwanted educational items from books to toys to others that want it... can sell items or just give them to a good home. Either way you'll feel good about recycling!

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