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Support Your School

Savings scheme for schools

Monday 7th December 2009

Raise money for your school with a new recycling web site

The new year sees the launch of a cool, waste-reducing, money raising, web site venture, specifically designed to give schools the opportunity to raise money through recycling items. Support Your School (launched January 2010) is a free-to-use online service, and rewards schools with one pound for every used printer cartridge, and three pounds for mobile telephones, that are collected, recycled, and reused.

The interactive web site contains a complete list of all the sorts of items that can be recycled at Support Your School. It also presents a running total of how much schools have raised from their recycling endeavours so far.

If you'd like your school to get involved in the scheme, go to the web site at and sign-up online. You'll receive a free recycling pack which contains all you need to start your recycling project. As a parent or local business owner, you are also encouraged to sign-up and nominate a chosen local school to benefit from your recycling.

If you're an education provider you can join Trasch for FREE & create a profile...

...then promote all your unwanted educational items from books to toys to others that want it... can sell items or just give them to a good home. Either way you'll feel good about recycling!

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