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Trasch Cartridge Recycling Scheme

Trasch Cartridge Recycling Scheme

Thursday 1st November 2012

All your cartridges make money for your chosen charity or good cause.

20% of the value of the returned cartridges is given to your charity.

We will accept all cartridges: toner, inkjet and franking and too. We collect from Education establishments, individuals, single offices and big organisations. Every used cartridge counts. So you may wish to encourage staff to bring cartridges in from home. Unlike many recyclers or brokers – our process wastes NOTHING.

Watch your contributions grow each month.

How it works

We work with you to make it easy and to encourage your team.

Collecting Envelopes

You can use an envelope (we supply a plastic tray to put your envelopes in).

These are all free and once the envelopes are full just seal and return them - postage is prepaid.

Recycle Cartridge Boxes

Or you can have a free floor standing box if you use toner and higher volumes of cartridges.

Everything except photocopier bottles can go in a box. Once the box is full, we provide you with a UPS prepaid label to send the box back for recycling.

If you are a high volume user then put a number of boxes on a pallet and we will again arrange the transportation free of charge.

Use your own Box

If you only have a few cartridges, use your own box. Call us and we send a UPS sticker to put on your box.  Postage is FREE.

Or if you have any questions at any point just call us on 01202 706 975 or

How are we doing?

You can see how your chosen charity is doing at any time.

On the 28th of each month you receive a statement of payment regarding funds going to your chosen charity who will receive 20% of the value of the cartridges.

Example: for £300 your charity will receive £60 directly.

Sustainability and Measurement

We will also provide reports on the weight of mixed plastics and metals relieved from landfill for companies with waste management audits. Plus where required other reports as you specify.

Or call us if you have any questions at any point on 01202 706 975 or email

Just ask for the Trasch Cartridge Recycling Scheme

If you're an education provider you can join Trasch for FREE & create a profile...

...then promote all your unwanted educational items from books to toys to others that want it... can sell items or just give them to a good home. Either way you'll feel good about recycling!

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