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Trasch Cartridge Recycling Scheme

Trasch Cartridge Recycling Scheme

All your cartridges make money for your chosen charity or good cause...


Don't let it go to waste

Friends of the Earth report

The UK wastes hundreds of millions of pounds each year by not recycling its...


Savings scheme for schools

Support Your School

Raise money for your school with a new recycling web site

The new year sees...


Choose timber without harming the environment


Buying the wrong kind of wood can contribute to the destruction of tropical...


Natural resources are becoming more scarce


We are destroying ancient forests at an unprecedented rate...


If you're an education provider you can join Trasch for FREE & create a profile...

...then promote all your unwanted educational items from books to toys to others that want it... can sell items or just give them to a good home. Either way you'll feel good about recycling!

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